Thursday, November 17, 2011

Research Practice

"Stem cell research is among the newest and arguably most promising technological developments of the past three decades" (Duroy, 2009, p.831).

Duroy, Q. (2009). Assessing the legitimacy of stem cell research: An instrumental valuation principle approach. Journal of Economic Issues, 43(4), 831-842. Retrieved from

I found this academic article using the UW library online system. From reading the abstract and also the beginning of the online PDF version, it seems to discuss some of the main topics of my paper like ethics and the promising future stem cell research proposes. It is a fairly recent article so the information is most likely reliable and up to date. The quote a chose is a perfect example of this authors opinion of stem cell research and the remaining information provided in his article are there to support that thesis. I think this article could be very helpful and will provide me with a lot of information about the topic.

"Cardiac studies on stem cell repair are now more advanced than for any other organ, and this work has led to “a veritable revolution”1 in cardiac biology" (Brown, 2006, p. F61).

Brown, H. (2006). A positive future for stem cell research?. Circulation113(16), F61-F62.

This source is an article taken from a periodical. I also found this article using the madcat search from the UW library system. The article contains information from a cardiologist, John Martin. This article could be useful because it shows the potential of stem cell research from only one specific part of the health field. If stem cell research is benefiting this field so much, maybe it could benefit others. Heart disease is a common problem for many people and this article shows the benefits that stem cell research can have. This article is an excellent example to use within my paper. 

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