Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chapters 8 and 9

In chapter 8 Ronson recalls the story of Rachel North and the potential psychopath who argued against her story. In 2002 North was the victim of a violent attack. Three years later, in 2005, North was in the carriage of a train that had been the scene of a terrorist attack. After witnessing the devestating loses, North could not seem to get over the tragedy and it began to take over her life. She decided to start a blog for those who survived the attack as a way to get their feelings out in the open and support each other. Soon after the blog was created, unknown people started to make comments arguing her story. The unknown writer claimed that it was not a terrorist attack and instead an attempt by the British government to cover up their corporate manslaughter. North was outraged and could not seem to let the issue go. She found out inside information on these unknown writers and attended one of their "club meetings." The man who seemed to run this group was named David Shayler. Shayler was a former spy who ratted out the rest of his mission for money because he did not want to be a part of an agency that involved itself in assassinations. Of course, Ronson wanted to meet up with Shayler and discuss Rachel North. When they met for the first time Shayler claimed that he did not remember who North was and Ronson tried to argue North's viewpoint. Shayler responded that North was mentally ill. Shayler's ideas began to appear everywhere.After a second meeting and a few other events, Ronson realized Shayler's spiral of madness.

Personally I found chapter 8 to be very frustrating. I do not really understand how someone can just ignore clear evidence and try to convince people that their evidence is false and their idea is actually the right one. I would be so upset if I were a victim of a tragic event and then be told that it never actually happened. Even for the families of those who died in the event. Shayler clearly had some sort of madness. I was also slightly confused in chapter nine how someone can criminal profile someone exactly.

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