Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Research Question

Is stem cell research the future of medicine?

I chose this as a research topic because I wrote my first project on animal testing and this was an example of an alternative option. I figured there is so much research going on with this topic that it would be an easy question to answer. I also thought it would be an interesting topic since I'm interested in the medical field and stem cell research could make significant advances to health care in the future. I would begin to look for answers simply by researching what stem cells are already known to do and the impact they have on the human body. I also think it is important to know any negatives associated with stem cell research. There is a lot of controversy whether or not stem cell research is ethical because embryonic stem cells are taken from fetuses. It would be interesting to learn the reasons behind each side.

The focus of this question is not opinion based but more so the benefits of stem cell research and whether or not it would benefit humans in the future.

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