Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chapters 6 and 7

In chapter 6 Ronson travels to Florida to learn more about the former CEO of Sunbeam, Al Dunlap. On his way to Florida he stopped in Shubuta, Mississippi to learn more about the Sunbeam plant. Shutbuta used to be a booming town but now it is a ghost town. Ronson learned that the Sunbeam company went through many CEO's. The first was Robert Buckley who was later fired for fired for using company money for his own purposes. The next CEO was Paul Kazarian. Kazarian was described as foul mouthed and also noted for doing some uncommon things at the office. After Kazarian came Al Dunlap. Dunlap was known for finding enjoyment out of firing people and closing down plants, which is why Shubuta became so dead. Dunlap faced many legal problems and paid of his debt with almost $20 million, he also agreed to never head a company again. Ronson then continued his journey to Florida to meet with Dunlap. At Dunlap's house Ronson noticed many statues of predator animals like jaguars and tigers. Ronson noticed that Dunlap fit many of the characteristics of Hare's checklist. When Ronson confronted Dunlap about potentially being a psychopath, Dunlap provided reasons for why he fit those characteristics. After his meeting with Dunlap, Ronson met up with Bob Hare to discuss what he just witnessed.

This chapter made it clear how paranoid Ronson now is with finding psychopaths. Just the fact that he traveled from London to Florida just to meet with a former CEO and a potential psychopath for what seemed like a very brief period of time. I also thought it was interesting that Dunlap described himself as being successful and was proud of everything he did in life, but yet when Ronson asked him about the Sunbeam corporation he was very short about it. I also found it funny that Ronson's wife usually gets irritated with his obsessions but now she finds herself comparing people she meets with Hare's psychopath checklist.

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